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Thibadeux is a sourdough kvass brewed with 100 loaves of sourdough bread, proofed with a 150 year old starter. Along with Rowley’s Farmhouse Ales, we mashed in this beer with Weyermann XP pilsner malt, continental white wheat, as well as a hint of CaraWheat and CaraRed from Weyermann, as well as the 100 loaves of sourdough bread. We then hopped this beer lightly with a charge of Styrian Goldings in the whirlpool, and fermented it with the aforementioned 150 year old sourdough starter, as well as our house mixed culture. We are stoked to have gotten to brew a fun collaboration beer with our good friends at Rowley’s Farmhouse Ales, and we can’t wait for you to try it! Cheers!

GRAINWeyermann XP Pilsner + Continental White Wheat + Cara Wheat + Cara Red
HOPSStyrian Goldings
COLORHazy Amber