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The Classics Sampler


A mix pack of classics that never goes out of style! The Beer Creek Brewing Co. ‘Classics Sampler Pack’ showcases some of the beers that helped establish our brewery, and launched us into the New Mexico Craft Brewing scene. From our Tres Amigos Pale Ale, originally brewed by the founders of BCBC which inspired us to build a brewery, to our smooth Picture Rock Porter proudly brewed in a style that makes it perfectly natural to enjoy in the heat of summer.

This sample pack is an excellent snapshot of our history and values. Skewing towards the hoppier and darker side of things, the ‘Classics Sampler Pack’ expertly displays the result of using traditional recipes with local ingredients. Whether you’re a Beer Creek Beer aficionado or new to our brewery, this is a mix pack that’s built to slake any beer drinker’s thirst!