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Retail Kegs

Kegs Available for Retail Purchase

Enjoy Beer Creek Brews in the comfort of your own home. 1/6bbl (40 pints) and 1/2bbl kegs (120 pints). Requests for Kegs need to be submitted 72 hours in advance and will be available for pick-up after 2pm or as confirmed by the Brewery Team. Customers will be contacted once order is received by the Brewery Team to confirm the order and to provide a pick-up date. All kegs have a $100 keg shell deposit, refundable upon return of keg. Payment will be taken at time of pick-up.

Please see our Servers for Available Beer Selections and Pricing.

All customers must complete a Keg Sales Registration Notice prior to placing orders. Feel free to print and fill one out prior to coming in to help us expedite this process.